Dr. Sapna Rani
M.Lib.Sc. & DCA
Ms. Arjinder Kaur
Assistant Librarian


Rules of Library/Reading Hall

The students should not carry any book or printed material inside the library stack room.

Security fee: Rs. 3000/- refundable after completion of degree.

The students shall put their signature in the register kept at the Library entrance.

No user shall write anything or put any identification mark on the library material.

Every student must possess his identity card while entering the library and should produce it on demand by the staff.

All the regular students of the college are entitled to borrow books from the library. Three books will be issued to each student on permanent basis and two books may be issued on library card for 7 days at a time.

The librarian may ask the students to return any book at any time.

A student who fails to return book on due date or on demand of librarian shall be liable to pay fine of Rs. 20/- per day.

Reference books may be issued to students and staff members for reference purposes and study in the library premises.

Non-members are not allowed to utilize the library except with permission of the Principal.

Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library