The standard and quality of an educational institution mainly depends upon the facilities and services provided in the library. It is considered as the heart and soul of an institution imparting qualitative education. The library of an educational institution is integral part of academic endeavor to create learning atmosphere. The curriculum and teaching methods of a law college require both intensive and extensive use of the material in the library. The library is being constantly enriched by the acquisition of latest books and journals keeping in pace with the changing times. The college has setup a good library comprising a large number of textbooks, reference books, autobiographies’ of the legal luminaries and the literature on emerging socio-legal context.

Pin Drop Silent Library

Provide separate cabins for student in the library


Group Disscusion

Group of participants are made to discuss on a topic or subject for a limited time and then assessed accordingly. It is a chance for you to be more vocal


Electronic database of All India Reporter


The library has subscribed to the electronic database of All India Reporter, Supreme Court Cases, Criminal Law Journal, AIR Manual, Complete Digest of Supreme Court Cases, Consumer Protection judgments, selected Judgments on Professional Ethics, Accidents Claims Journal, Corporate law Cases, Punjab Law Reporter Etc. All of these and more will be accessible to students through E-Library which will be introduced soon in the College. The library subscribes journal of Indian Law Institute, Indian Journal of International Law, Indian Bar Review, Legal News and Views, Practical Lawyers, Women link, Social Action, Guru Nanak Journal of Law, Punjab Local Acts and Rules, Divorce and Matrimonial Cases Down to Earth, Combat , India Today, The Edict, Lawyers Update, Herald of Health, Nyaya Deep etc.