Baba Sheikh Farid Ji

Baba Farid, or Baba Sheikh Farid, or Khwaja Fariduddin Ganjshakar Mas’ūd Ganjshakar was a Sufi preacher and one of the maximum enormous saints in Punjab during the 12th century. It received’t be wrong to name him the first poet of the Punjabi language because of his inspiring and existence associated poetry, the sacred book of Sikhs, ‘Shri Guru Granth Sahib’, has quite a few Baba Farid’s work. even though he become Muslim, but he become reputable by way of Hindus as well.

B.A.LL.B (5 Years Course)

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LL.B (3 Years Course)

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A founder’s vision is not about how much money you want to make once you exit, nor it is about obtaining power or prestige. It isn’t about knowing exactly what the future will bring, nor it is about doing something no one else has ever done before. Rather, a founder’s vision is about how you communicate and put into action your values, beliefs, and ideals in producing and creating something of value for yourself, your founding team.

Inderjit Singh Khalsa

For the last fourteen years a glowworm had beenhovering in my heart cajoling me to establish an institution,which should be flesh & blood of my own profession. It wasconceived in 2004 which resulted into opening of Baba FaridLaw College.In our country, it is a misconception that the peoplegenerally have been lured to start educational institutions notfor noble cause but for commercial purposes to earn profit byevading taxes.

Ranjit Singh Wahniwal

Education is an instrument to meet the challenges of contemporary times. Globalization and Internationalization have led to redefining the relationship of law with the society. Attaining global standards is undoubtedly a stupendous task for all the educational institutions and our institution is also not an exception to this phenomenon. Therefore, it urges for exhorting students to build a morally strong nation.

Prof. (Dr.) V.K. Bakshi

At the Young age of 21 he started providing his tireless services in BabaFarid Religious & Educational Institutions. He is working for humanityand honestly providing his services from last 7 years by following theideology of the founders of these institutions S.Inderjit Singh Khalsa, S.Ranjit Singh Wahniwal, S. Mukhtiar Singh Machaki, Bhai Veer Singh,Bhai Ranjeet Singh

Maheep Inder Singh